A new way to move the world.

We keep the world moving

As the world's largest elevator and escalator service provider, Otis is focused on keeping the world moving. Not only did we invent the safety
elevator, we revolutionized its care. It was Charles Otis who gave his personal commitment to quality and customer service, handwriting
our first maintenance contract and signing his name to it in 1861. Today, we’re harnessing emerging technology and the internet of
things to deliver the personalized experience people know and want in today’s digital age.

Our name is Otis — and service is our signature

Investing in your future

Every day, our teams roll up their sleeves to keep two billion people on the move. They wear the Otis logo as a badge of honor and see your building as their own.

Now our teams are investing in the development of APIs to help integrate building data and apps like eCall into your building applications.

Information on demand

You need peace of mind and a hassle — free daily experience with your elevators. So we provide you with instant access to all of your account and service information via APIs.

Find out the real — time status of your elevators, what work is completed and review performance trends over time.

Turning data into action

The future of service is a move towards predictive maintenance to address issues before they occur.

Our APIs allow you to connect to the Otis Cloud to integrate elevator health status information into your building management systems.